2018 BMW 5 Series Interior, Review, Price

Model of the new, seventh generation, 2018 BMW 5 Series brings many innovations in technology and interesting interior solutions, with exceptionally small style changes. This new version has its features in the segment of luxury sedans and new generation of this model has made a lot of progress in the technological sense. Much has been downloaded and adapted from the larger BMW 7-Series. Any changes that have been made are not so visible until you are not near to the vehicle. That’s why this Bavarian company has released an official video that accurately explains the difference between two generations. 2018 BMW 5 Series does not differ from the 7-Series, while others do not notice the obvious differences with the previous generation. What does new bring this model?

2018 BMW 5 Series front view

2018 BMW 5 Series – Review

According to the technical characteristics, new 5-Series model is longer, wider and higher, and also lighter for 100 kg, which is noticeable in driving. Some radical changes in the exterior were not needed, as the previous generation was proved as one of the more ideal solutions. The Company has accomplished much with its predecessor, and now is focusing on segments that are not relate to the exterior design. The biggest innovation is this segment is at the front, wider end. The new grilles are automatically closed when the engine is cold, which helps with the early heating of the diesel engines, but also reduces the air resistance in motion, and opens when the air resistance is necessary.

2018 BMW 5 Series – Interior

The interior is spacious, but it is not so noticeable behind the wheel. The reason is the relatively narrow space between the door and the edge of the center console. It gives the impression that you are in a racing car. Comfortable driving is accompanied by a silent engine operation, soundproofed, as well as an acoustic windscreen and a different layout on the inside of the roof. Now it’s already standard in all of its BMW models that offer more modes of operation. As this most traditional and the most controversial German manufacturer has left analogue instruments, in front of the driver, the appearance and color of the displayed instruments in the digital display changes according to the selected operating mode.

2018 BMW 5 Series interior

2018 BMW 5 Series – Features

For example, when the Economy mode is working, the tones are blue, instead of the speedometer displays average fuel consumption, and the speedometer does not show a speed greater than 75 mph. In case of Sport mode the background of the instruments is red color, and in the foreground is a speedometer. Comfort mode attempts that with color display a stylish compromise between these two modes. It is also a new 10.2-inch touchscreen that is raised above the central console. The front of the cabin 2018 BMW 5 Series is driver-oriented, two passengers can sit comfortably at the rear. The boot volume is 530 liters, and the rear backs are divided in a ratio of 40:20:40.

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