2018 BMW 550i, xDrive, Sport, Price, Review

Model from family 5-Series, the 2018 BMW 550i is at this moment the fastest and most versatile version in this line-up. The basis for the development of new version is engine from M5 vehicle while the rest is as all the best from the new generation of the models of 5-Series. According to the first reviews and test, the model is characterized by exceptional performance, and especially impresses the transformation of the engine depending on the chosen drive mode. 2018 BMW 550i also has a high level of driving pleasure. One of the factors is that the integral drive attempts to transfer more power to the rear wheels, and that the stability of the vehicle is not disturbed. This model is a multi-tasking specialist. Compared with the 5-Series models, model 550i is lower and with more sporty performance.

2018 BMW 550i front view

New generation of this 5-Series has appeared last year on the market, but without the main trump cards. So far, its version, BMW M5, which was the strongest in the previous generarion, was not presented. This time, Bavarian manufacturer was drawn attention with the realized model 2018 BMW 550i which is, certainly, the strongest in this offer. This is a vehicle that is equipped with the same V8 engine as M5 model, but this time it is slightly smooth.

2018 BMW 550i – Interior

The cabin of 2018 BMW 550 is of superior quality. The interior emphasizes that it is a premium sedan. Since there is a powerful engine under the hood, the impression is that the interior is too beneath of the level, somehow not in the same range. 2018 BMW 550i enetrier is a beautiful, moder, stylish extremely well-integrated and made of high-quality expensive materials. But it still looks monotonous, in comparing to the similar models of this category. But that does not mean that it’s missing something. This is affected by the brown color of the interior elements, which has much to do with business limo. Everything is transparent and easy to use, done in accordance with current technologies, without exaggeration. Seats are high-quality, comfortable, with enough space for all passengers.

2018 BMW 550i interior

2018 BMW 550i – Exterior, Specs

The exterior stylistic expression is in a recognizable BMV manner. Sporty, more elegant than aggressive, as it is in riding. 2018 BMW 550i characterizes a two-part front grille, a slightly shortened hood, smaller headlights and a lower front end. The concept is on wheels of 19 and 20 inches. New 550i is 195.3 inches long while the wheelbase is 117 inches. The width of the vehicle is 73.5 inches, and the height is 57.8 inches. Weight of empty vehicle is 1.8T, the boot volume is 530 liters, and the volume of the tank is 68 liters.

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