2018 BMW I3, Range, Price, Battery, Specs

The 2018 BMW I3 is a vehicle that totally stands out from the established characteristics associated with this Bavarian manufacturer. Everything that’s left as a recognizable feature is driving fun. And this miniature BMW is funny on some way. It is about small city vehicle that slowly coming to many markets. BMW I3 is intended for customers with a higher standard, who have ecological awareness. And surely, this can not be the only vehicle in the household. Because, too much is a toy, and too little a classic vehicle ready for challenges and for long-distance. 2018 BMW I3 is an experiment that has already attracted many. Something between carting vehicle and mini-car. Only, completely on electricity.

2018 BMW I3 front view

2018 BMW I3 – Specs

Much things are unusual for this “little boy”. The company describes it as a car that you will not buy because of its beautiful design, but if you have an ecologically expressed awareness and you need a car that you use on a daily basis in short distances. In addition, all state-of-the-art technology, packaged in a baby that goes on electricity, is at your disposal.

2018 BMW I3 – Interior

As for the interior of BMW I3, this should be the basis for the development of futuristic versions. The vision is quite good, realistic and achievable, it’s just a matter of a price that eventually dictates the terms of sale. Many thought that some things would not be experienced, but the time in front of us denying that. It is already established in the world of cars. 2018 BMW I3 has an interior with flat wooden surfaces, a futuristic central console with a small number of buttons. On instrument panel are data that are in use for the first time.

2018 BMW I3 interior

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