2018 BMW X3, M40i, Release Date, Price

Novelties never end in the automotive industry, and the 2018 BMW X3 has grown in every sense. A lot of new technologies, a new platform, and almost the same price as for the currently available version. Just wait for the autumn and convince yourself in the claims of the manufacturers of this redesigned intelligent SUV. Proportionally, there are no big differences, but only at first glance. The new look of the interior parts is more than obvious, and dimensions are negligible. Below, read about the details of this new version, t2018 BMW X3.

2018 BMW X3 front view

2018 BMW X3 – Exterior Changes

The concept was is on the same platform as the BMW X5. The exterior is no longer featured with a round fog lamp. Instead of them, at the front end are the LED lights with the modern design, and below of the light groups are flaps that contribute to the improvement of aerodynamics. As and the similar BMV models, 2018 BMW X3 has bigger “kidneys” and massive air intakes. The front grille is bigger, but in the same brand’s recognizable style. The lines of the line were corrected and it is difficult to find any significant changes in that segment. In order to make the model bigger, new X3 has 18-inch wheels as basic. Company also offers something more massive 21 inches that fit nicely into “the cannons” of the exhaust system at the rear end.

2018 BMW X3 – Interior

If you are a connoisseur of this brand, when you look in the interior of 2018 BMW X3 you will have the impression that you are in the X5 model. The truth is, much of the “older brother” is the same. Therefore, the 10.2-inch monitor is independently located above the central console, and the data are digitally as in the aforementioned model. Decorative details look redesigned and adapted to this model.

2018 BMW X3 interior

The buttons look like that are of precious metal. Seating positions and ergonomics are better in comparing to the current version. Due to the increased wheelbase, there is more space for all passengers and the backrests can be adjusted in several angles. For a better impression of space, the designers extended the panoramic roof a few inches backwards. The basic volume of space when you open the 5th door is 550 liters, and the maximum is 1600.

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