2018 Mercedes X Class, Pick-Up, Price, Specs

In short, new vehicle, the 2018 Mercedes X Class is a luxury truck in the world of cars. This would be the best definition the experimentation of the Bavarian on an unknown field. With this model, the Company has expanded its gamma offer. It seems from the pure curiosity and success that some companies have made with pick-up vehicles. Cooperation with Reno-Nissan companies has enabled the creation of this model. The Germans has presented 2018 Mercedes X Class with some of the elements that similar models in this segment do not have.

2018 Mercedes X Class front view

It will be really interesting to follow the further course of development of this segment, and will this company will succeed in imposing its criteria. At this moment, this model may represent a desire to improve pick-up vehicles, but it could also disrupt the situation on the market. So, what changes and what is specific to this X Class model?

2018 Mercedes X Class – Review

The first impressions after the presentation and testing are that this model runs completely similarly as a car. The basis on which the concept of 2018 Mercedes X Class is based is the Nissan Navara. This pick-up with the reputation of a serious, proven terrain follows driving comfort of the latest generation, which Mercedes took advantage of, and worked to perfect the suspension in order to improve the stability of the vehicle. This is very prominent in driving at high speeds.

2018 Mercedes X Class – Specs

As for driving, X Class model features a variable drive on all wheels, higher clearance and differential lock. All preconditions for safe driving outside the pavement are here. This “experiment”, 2018 Mercedes X Class will primarily be intended for the European market. The reason for this is a previously poor experience with the R-Class model. After the reaction of interest on the old continent will be known the future development of this model. This is also indicated by the range of engines in the range, which are diesel engines only, as in the V-Class. As for the USA, the dominance of these Ford models is unmistakable, so this Company will not remain uninterested in the changes proposed by the German giant.

2018 Mercedes X Class interior

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