2018 Subaru XV, Specs, Review, Price

Although at first glance it looks exactly the same as its predecessors, the new version 2018 Subaru XV is drastically different. These segments are not of visual type, so the exterior is a copy-paste version, but technologically a lot has changed. The best comparison you will realize if you are driving the current version, and after that take in your hand the steering wheel of 2018 Subaru XV. The company has not given much importance to cosmetic changes, but has focused on improving performance, to provide to the drivers brand new driving experience. Thus, the new version of the XV model is visually the same, but the differences between under the hood and the concept of the model are noticeable. This model is one of the most popular in Europe, just as it was introduced in 2012.

2018 Subaru XV front view

2018 Subaru XV – Changes

Model XV was surprise because of its looks, 5 years ago. Vehicle characterizes larger rear end, with bumpers and elevated clearance. After the Subaru Forester, this was the most sought-after model with the badge of this Company. Knowing the Japanese philosophy of car development, they also preferred that the visual concept does not change, given the sales results. 2018 Subaru XV is, albeit similar, the first that will be (already is) built on the new global platform. This platform is with variable length, so it will serve as the basis for all future models. A short version of the model is identical to the Subaru Impreza, which indicates on a slightly longer wheelbase. This will affect on more space for passengers at rear. The main advantage of the new model is the stiffer bodywork. Also, this new one offers a higher level of security.

2018 Subaru XV interior

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