2018 TOYOTA 86, GT TRD, Specs, Engine, Hybrid

Toyota’s GT 86 is a massively popular model which we known in many other names including the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. There are several reasons behind the popularity of this sports car from Toyota, but the foremost reasons include the simplicity of this model, elegance of its design and the further advancement in its performance. Now Toyota has announced with an upcoming compact car with great engine with the new Convertible 2018 Toyota 86 and it is expected that this model will also continue to impress with its simple goals like its predecessor.

2018 Toyota 86 front view


In 2018 Toyota 86, we are expecting certain modifications in the exterior parts including the larger rear spoiler, high performance tires, 18-inch wheels and all-new body kit. The photos of the upcoming sports car suggests that 2018 Toyota 86 will be available with more attractive profiles mostly with the changes in bigger rear wing and far stretched front splitter. This modification will aim less for aesthetics and more for improving the aerodynamics of the car.

Since the light body constructed with carbon fiber, we can expect a thinner look for the new 2018 Toyota 86. But there will be certain issues with augmented handling and stability especially in its weight distribution. Exactly 53% at the front and 47% at the rear in order to achieve proper balance.

2018 Toyota 86 interior


Toyota GT 86’s one of the major attractions about interior look. Changes will present the combination of aluminum and leather. Carbon fiber will be also in use (depending on the model of 2018 Toyota 86). The interior look will be delicate with noteworthy features and attributes. Although the base model will have a lot of top equipment, buyers in the offer will not have leather upholstery. Among the standard equipment, the buyers can expect cruise control, alloy pedals, LED lighting for front and rear part. Also, there will be Bluetooth, heated mirrors, key-less GO, hill start control and DAB radio. 4.2″ navigation screen, heated seats and leather & alcantara are expected to be available with the higher spec models.

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