2018 Toyota Celica, Price, Specs, Rumors

For many car buyers, Toyota has been the choice for many years. For several decades this car maker has impressed with their design and performance. It has announced the Toyota Celica for 2018 and everyone is looking forward to it. What do we expect from the 2018 Toyota Celica? The changes are meant to bridge the gaps of the present one and make it more appealing to the buyers in future.  Those already owning the Celica will be looking forward to find out what they missed out on. There are discussions going around that the new one will be futuristic and much more modern. It will be called FT-86 concept for 2018 Celica.

2018 Toyota Celica front view

2018 Toyota Celica – Exterior

Modern bodywork that is appealing and cabin layout according to the current trends in such cars. Classy and high standard wheels and extended bumper with good looks to impress. Expect minor changes in terms of the headlights, rocker panels and rear bumpers. That should be it for the exterior of when it comes to 2018 Toyota Celica. To enhance the style factor there will be fog lamps.

2018 Toyota Celica – Interior Changes

The interior is expected to go through quite a few upgrades. An upgraded fascia and good looking interior and high-tech systems that assist better navigation and function. Enhanced safety measures like air bags on the side are in offer. These will be used to market the car. Other features that deserve mention are the navigation, anti-lock, cruise management and power windows.

2018 Toyota Celica interior

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